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FAQ (Frequenty Asked Questions)

All answers and rules are subject to change with no further notice. Please contact us to confirm any of your questions. Click the Questions to see the answers

Q1: Monthly and Yearly Rent

Rooms are rented monthly and yearly. monthly and yearly rent have same requirements.

If the tenant stay in less than 1 month, the tenant will be charged 1 month rent.

Monthly rent price can not be calculated as prorate for weekly or daily rate.

For Example :
Tenant stays at Puri Salemba for 6 weeks, the tenant have to pay 2 months rent.
The tenant can not pay one and half months rent.

If you paid 12 months in advance you will get 1 month rent for free.
Sorry, we do not rent any rooms perday.

Q2: Rooms

Puri Salemba have 3 types of rooms :
(1) Standard Room
The standard room with shared balcony
(2) Balcony Deluxe Room
The room is slightly biggert than standard room with the choice of shared balcony or private balcony (front view)
(3) Superior Room

The room with the largest size with shared balcony.

All rooms have same facilities. For room prices, click here to contact us.

Q3: Facilities

Rent fee includes :
Electricity, furnished room (wardrobe, bed, pillow, bolster, bedsheet, blanket, table and chari, shelves and bedside table), cubicle shower room with hot water and personal mailbox.

Shared facilities :
TV room with table and chairs, kitchen (dining table and chairs, refridgerator, stoves and water dispenser -ADVANCE), ironing equipment.

Q4: Facilities with additional fees

Facilities with additional fees are : Laundry Service, car & motorcycle parking space, wireless internet. For additional electrical items in the room which require additional fee are desktop computer, notebook, water dispenser and refridgrator (any size). For other electrical items, please confirm with us.

Q5: Couples or 2 person in 1 room

Each room is designed for 1 person, maximum 2 person in 1 room. For extra person you will need to pay addition fee with the same facility.
The requirements are:

  1. For married couples, to show legal married certificate and give a copy.
  2. For opposite gender family members, to show family card and give a copy.

If you are unable to provide the document required, unfortunatelly we can not allow the 2nd person (family/friend with opposite gender) to stay in Puri Salemba with you.

Q6: Visiting rules (09.00 - 22.00)

Opposite gender guests are not allowed to come into the tenant's room or stay over. All guests are welcome to use the lobby, kitchen and TV room.

Visiting hours for guests is 09.00 - 22.00 and night curfew for tenant is 22.00. If the tenant or the guest is unable to follow the rules, we will give a notification according to the procedure apply.

Guests who want to stay over night (refer to the requirement on Q5) have to report to Puri Salemba employee to fill in a form and pay a fee pernight.

Q7: Security

Puri Salemba have security guard for 24 hours to make sure the tenant's safety and the environment.

Q8: Check-in and check-out time

Check-in and check-out time is on our office hours :
Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 17.00 with Mrs.Elvy.

If your check-in time (or arrival) is not on our office hours, please complete your deposit and rent fee payment in advance .

Q9: What you need to know before checking in

On check-in you are required to :

  1. To give deposit money receipt
  2. Fill in our Tenant Form and Tenant Rules
  3. To complete one month rent fee in cash or if you have paid by bank transfer, to show the payment receipt
  4. To complete the document required:
  • 2 (two) copies of Passport or ID card
  • 1 (one) copy of student/work card
  • 2 (two) passport-size color picture (3x4).
  • If you are married, you need to show and give a copy of your marriage book/certificate.

Please put all copies on 1 sided page not duplex.


  1. For 1(one) month rent, staying duration is for 30 (thirty) days.
  2. Confirmation is needed on check-in time, if you are going to stay only for 1 month.
  3. All payments are not refundable with the exception of the deposit money.

Q10: Room reservation (booking) and Deposit Money

To reserve a room you will require to :

  1. To complete a reservation form
    You could get the form at Puri Salemba or we could send by email.
  2. To pay a deposit fee of Rp 1.000.000,- (One Million Rupiah)
    Could be paid by cash or bank transfer (BCA or Mandiri Bank).
  3. For bank transfer payment please confirm by phone or email.
    Please transfer deposit money or rent fee with the minimum 7 days before your arrival date, to confirm your room.

For any reservations/payments from abroad (international guest), please send us your detail of :

  1. Full name
  2. Home Address
  3. Mobile number and land line number
  4. Copy of your passport (in .jpg or .pdf)
  5. The chosen room type and number of room(s)
  6. Stay Duration

Please Note :

  • Please transfer deposit money or rent fee with the minimum 7 days before your arrival date, to confirm your room.
  • Without any reservation payment unfortunately we could not keep the room of your choice, but we could give you any available room if your room of your choice has been taken.
  • Cancellation can only be done in two ways : inform directly to Mrs.Elvy or by email
  • Charges will apply for any cancellation according to on-going rate.

Q11: Payment

Deposit and rent payment could be paid by cash or bank transfer via Bank mandiri or Bank BCA.

All payments can be confirmed by phone (with Mrs.Elvy) or online click here
Rent payment is 10 days from the check-in date, charges will be applied for late payments. All payments can not be cancelled and is not refundable with the exception of deposit money.


Bank transfer with ATM bersama :

Nama Bank
Bank Mandiri
Bank BRI
Bank Danamon
Bank Niaga
Bank Permata
Bank Mega
Bank Bukopin
Bank Muamalat Indonesia
Bank Mayapada
Bank Syariah Mandiri
Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia
Bank Arta Niaga Kencana
Bank Buana Indonesia
Bank Ganesha
Bank Mayora
Bank International Indonesia
Bank Bumiputera
Bank Nusantara Parahyangan
Bank Mestika
Bank IFI
Bank Panin
Bank Commonwealth
Bank Agroniaga
Bank HS 1906
Bank Eksekutif
Bank Artos Indonesia
Bank Swadesi
Standard Chartered Bank
BPD Lampung
Bank Sulut
Bank BPD Jambi
Bank Riau
BPD Bali
Bank BPD Kaltim
Bank Jatim
Bank Nagari
BPD Aceh
Bank Papua
BPD Kalsel
Bank DKI
Bank Ina Perdana
Bank Sumut
Bank Maluku
Bank BPD Sulsel
Bank NTT
Bank Jabar
BPD Kalteng
Bank BPD Sultra
Bank Bengkulu


Q12: Reservation and Deposit Money

Reservation money is to guarantee an available room on the date you requested. Once you have checked in the reservation money will change its function to deposit money. Before you check-in you will require to pay the first month full rent.
We wil give the deposit refund after you check-out or after you hand in your keys.

Q13: Why do I need to pay deposit money?

Deposit money is a guarantee for us. Deposit money will be return in full (1-7 days after your check out day by bank transfer),if there are not any damages on our things or no fine that relates to our rules and regulation on your check-out time. For any foreigners who do not have local bank account we will return the deposit money in cash on check-out.

Q14: Transportation to Puri Salemba

The road in front of Puri Salemba could be access by taxi, bajaj and motorcycle. From the main road (Jl.Salemba Raya) you could easily find taxi, bus, busway station (halte), mikrolet, bajaj or ojek. For the full route and information, please click here.

Q15: Pick up transport from Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Puri Salemba

For guest safety and ease especially for those who arrived late night, we could book a pick up car from one of the biggest taxi company in Jakarta.

The transport price start from Rp 170.000,- (updated : January 2013) and you could pay the fee when you check-in.

Alternatively, for regular taxi you could find them at the airport no booking required, the fee from Airport to PURI SALEMBA Rp 125.000,- to Rp 150.000,- (depends on the city traffic). We suggest to choose the taxi from BLUE BIRD TAXI COMPANY.


Should you require this service :

  1. You need to get room reservation confirmed from Puri Salemba
  2. Send us an email stated your full name and your flight details.
  3. Pay the car fee to us after you have arrived at PURI SALEMBA

    For two points above, we must receive the information & the payment
    the latest 48 hours before your flight schedule.
    (We could not guarantee the transport could be reserve if we receive the transport order less than 48 hours before your flight schedule).

    For those who have booked for a pick up Car from a Taxi company.
    after you collect your SUITCASES and look for your name on the Taxi counter's

Q16: Interested to visit us?

Please visit us on office hours :
Monday to Saturday : 08.00 - 17.00

If you would like to arrange other times please contact Mrs.Elvy (+62) 021 3904451/ 0812 610 9921
For location (map) please click here

Q17: I'd like to make a reservation but all rooms are 'not available' now.

Availability sign is updated weekly. If there are not any rooms available at the moment we could send you a reminder via email or text message when any room is available.

Click here for reminder form.

Q18: Staying less than 1 month (or less than 2 months)

If the tenant stay in less than 1 month, the tenant will be charged 1 month rent.

Monthly rent price CAN NOT be calculated as prorate for weekly or daily rate.

For Example :
Tenant stays at Puri Salemba for 6 weeks, the tenant have to pay 2 months rent.
The tenant can not pay one and half months rent.

Q19: Could I take a child with me?

Any children above 7 years is welcome to stay in Puri Salemba. For children, as daily guest or monthly stay, the charges apply is the same as an adult.

Q20: All International Visitor need to have Visitor Identity Card ?

KIP or Visitor Identity Card is a card that is MANDATORY owned by Kos residents who stay in Jakarta more than 30 days for International residents or local residents who have no identity cards (KTP) DKI Jakarta.

Here's the information we get from

Appropriate regulation of Jakarta Number 4 Year 2004:
That every visitor must report his/her arrival to the Department of Population and Civil Registration of Jakarta through the Section of Population and Civil Registration District, reporting evidence of arrival for visitor given Identity Cards Immigrants (KIP), which serves as proof of identity for visitor from outside of Jakarta and aims in order to create orderly administration of residence in Jakarta. While the official residence status was still KTP region of origin.

Source in Bahasa Indonesia:

How To Get Visitor Identity Card :
Location Services: Office of the Local Area (Kelurahan)
Service time: 1 business day
Rates: Free

To obtain Seasonal Resident Identity Card (KIP) must meet the following requirements:

     * Letter of Introduction to RT / RW (local office)
     * ID card from the area of origin or Passport
     * Travel Letter from the area of origin
     * 2 x 3 photograph 2 pieces


However, the information PURI SALEMBA get from the local office (Keluarahan):

Requirement to get KIP :

    1. 2 (two) copies of ID Card Copy (passport)
    2. 2 (two) copies of colored photos size 3cm x 2cm
    3. Card Fee :
            Rp 175.000, - (International)

We strongly suggest to all prospective residents / occupants to find out and complete the KIP to comply with regulatory requirements that have been granted by the Government of DKI Jakarta.


Q21: My question is not listed..

Please send us an email, please click here to send email.

Q22: I have a complain or suggestion for PURI SALEMBA

Please send us an email, please click here to send email.


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